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Introducing our New Transmitter-on-Chip PIC with Integrated Equalizer

This week at OFC in San Diego - the largest global conference and exhibition for optical communications and networking - we introduced our new NPG102 second generation photonic integrated circuit (PIC) with integrated optical equalizer.

This latest breakthrough delivers reduced complexity and enhanced link performance for high-throughput optical interconnect.

AI workloads in the data center are driving greater demand for minimal latency and power performance that the NPG102 provides at 800 GBps and 1.6 TBps for linear receive optics (LRO) and linear drive pluggable optics (LPO) applications.

Read more in the news announcement including the impact of evolving LPO benchmarks in power and latency at consistent link performance on multivendor interoperability.

Key Highlights:

• Performance consistency, improved distance, lower latency and power

• Improved transceiver yields and extended reliability

• 3.9W low power consumption

• Simplifies system assembly with flip-chip package

The NewPhotonics second generation transmitter-on-chip sampling program will be available in the fourth quarter of 2024. Read the full news announcement here.

Reach out to TeamNP via our online contact form or via email at to start the conversation about your next optical connectivity design.


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