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🚀 Elevating Data Center Performance with Photonic-Based Solutions!

Intel SerDes Optical Gear Box NewPhotonics

The latest milestone in our ongoing pursuit of innovation: an unprecedented high-efficiency All-Optics breakthrough for Data Centers.

In response to the growing demands on Data Centers, we've successfully collaborated with Intel Corporation to introduce a game-changing 224Gbps and beyond end-to-end electrical-to-optical link. This advancement is designed to tackle the challenges of latency, increase speed-capacity, and significantly reduce power consumption— key factors enhancing AI clusters' performance.

Key Highlights:

🔹 Unprecedented high efficiency in All-Optics

🔹 224Gbps and beyond end-to-end electrical-to-optical link

🔹 Reduced latency, increased speed-capacity, and lower power consumption

This collaboration with Intel Corporation marks a significant leap forward in improving both cost and performance for Data Center scaling. We are excited about the positive impact this will have on the efficiency and capabilities of Data Centers.

See the PR here -

You can see the setup in a video posted by Jose Pozo, CTO of Optica here -


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