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OFC 2024

All-Optical Interconnect Performance Advantages are Here!

We will be sharing three exciting new updates to our growing suite of all-optical solutions for data center networking at the biggest communications and networking event - Optical Fiber Communications Conference and Expo (OFC24).


We invite you to discover our optical photonics solutions to bottlenecks currently limiting data center workload performance:

  • Optical gear box extending optical performance to break AI workload connectivity bottlenecks by delivering low latency and low power multiplexing of 4 x 112Gbps PAM4 links onto 448Gbps optical link with a single laser

  • Optical equalizer technology enabling dispersion management and mitigation, enhancing LPO link performance for effective multi vendor interoperability

  • A breakthrough in Silicon Photonics enabling real-time Non-invasive optical power monitoring and calibration

Meet us at OFC 2024

We are scheduling qualified sessions with OEMs and vendors in our private meeting room where you'll see how our breakthrough technology delivers performance the market demands.

Fill in your details and we will reach out to you to schedule your demo experience with the NewPhotonics team at OFC24

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